Krieghoff-Lenawee Company is steadfastly committed to ensuring the overall safety of its employees, products, and services. We strive to meet this goal on a daily basis through on-going efforts, continually adapting to the demanding work environments of the 21st century. Krieghoff-Lenawee dedicates significant time and resources in the development of comprehensive, proactive, and sound safety programs that benefit our clients as well as our employees. In addition, a zero-incident job equates to time saved and money saved.

Our commitment to safety begins at the top. The President of Krieghoff-Lenawee Company, Scott F. Hill, believes there is no higher priority than the safety of his co-workers. Our goal is to eliminate tragic and costly accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Through training and education, our workers are given the information and resources they need to keep every project site accident-free.

Krieghoff-Lenawee’s Director of Safety and Compliance, Chris Lane, is continually involved in researching and implementing methods that ensure safety on the project site. Chris meets regularly with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) as a member of the Safety and Health Committee as well as the Environmental Sub-Committee. AGC has an alliance with MIOSHA affording our Director of Safety and Compliance the opportunity to voice his input on regulations set forth by MIOSHA before they become enacted. As a result, Krieghoff-Lenawee stays ahead of the curve in the implementation of new safety regulations.

Construction projects change from day to day, including the hazards that can and do exist in the process. The real challenge is to be able to recognize and effectively deal with any safety issues before they become problematic. Our employees are continually trained in the recognition, abatement, and reporting of any hazards they may encounter. We strive for nothing short of an accident-free environment and we never place productivity over the safety of our employees and those who work alongside them.